måndag 2 april 2012

And, so, as our journey begins, so does out hard work!

We first had to clear the surface of debris (sticks, stones, broken bones, etc.)

 Two rakes and a dog

"I herd yoo was cleering sitx, so I helps"


The next task was to dig up the many years worth of root systems that had built up, having been taught the intricacies of the art by our resident excavation expert, The Supervisor:

The awesome task of digging up root systems:

There were roughly 90 Dandelion roots (Muskros), most of which were rather big:

That's a biggie (30cm)

We enlisted the skills and experience of Z's father R, who lovingly hand crafted us a lockable wooden tool box, saving us from storing the work tools at our apartment.

The superbly crafted toolbox
Which The Supervisor inspected for saftey puposes:

The engineering feat of creating the wind-breaker from old planks of wood was a team effort, with Z, R, myself and The Supervisor all taking credit:

 Incredible day's work all round.

1000 Thanks to 'R', whom without, the 'wind-breaker' would have been more like a
 'light-breeze-broken', I'm quite sure!

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